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The difference between hotel furniture and civilian furniture

The difference between hotel furniture and civilian furniture

2019/11/25 13:50
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Hotel furniture is the furniture designed for the hotel according to the requirements and actual environment, generally including hotel guest room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, hotel malfunction furniture, public space furniture, etc.
   Many friends sometimes see that the visual effects and use feelings of certain hotel furniture are quite good. Ask if you can use this furniture at home. In fact, this involves the fundamental difference between hotel furniture and home furniture. .
  The hotel and the home are viewed from the same angle. They are places that provide rest and relaxation. Let us have a place to rest after a hard day, but strictly speaking, the meaning of the two places is completely different. The home gives us The feeling is warm, belonging, and security, and the hotel is more relaxing, providing people with a sense of separation before leaving, so this makes the choice between hotel furniture and home furniture very different.
   For hotel furniture, the matching furniture itself is determined according to the decoration style and hotel style, and the home furniture is matched with the decoration style according to personal preferences.