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What should we pay attention to when designing hotel furniture?

What should we pay attention to when designing hotel furniture?

Jinpaigao Furniture
2019/12/09 14:16
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  Hotel furniture is actually a hotel project. It needs to consider the location of the hotel, the hotel environment, and brand and customer requirements and other factors to match the furniture. In addition, the design will also consider the style requirements and star standards.
  So what factors do we need to consider when designing the structure of hotel furniture materials? Today I will introduce a few aspects for you.
  Appearance Quality. Yes, everyone's first impression is very important. The appearance quality of hotel furniture first requires that the furniture be flat and clean, exquisite workmanship, beautiful and delicate. In hotel rooms, furniture usually uses particle board, laminate, joinery board, etc. As the base material, wood veneer, triple plywood, etc. are used as the covering material.

  Structural strength. The furniture in the rooms is mostly fixed furniture, so the general structure is mainly plate type, wood screws, adhesives and hardware connectors are selected as the jointing method. It should be noted that when using materials, remember the characteristics of different materials.

  Safety performance. Safety and reliability are the top priorities. According to specific fire protection requirements, fire protection boards and flame-retardant materials are used in certain parts, and fire protection treatment is performed according to actual conditions and requirements.
  Material costs. In the design and production, it is necessary to reduce the cost of material use as much as possible under the conditions of use, comprehensively improve the utilization rate of the plate, and try to arrange the material as reasonably as possible.
  Transport installation. Generally, the floors of hotels are relatively high, which requires that the weight of hotel furniture should not be too heavy. According to the actual requirements of transportation and installation, special consideration should be given to the weight of materials and structure.
  Guangdong Jinpaigao Hotel Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale enterprise dedicated to producing professional hotel furniture integrating R&D, design, production and sales. Foshan Jinpaigao Hotel Furniture produces more than 40,000 sets of hotel series furniture annually, and its products sell well all over the country and the United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Egypt, Middle East, India, Ireland, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.