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Hotel room furniture customization should follow the actual effect and beautiful coexistence

Hotel room furniture customization should follow the actual effect and beautiful coexistence

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2020/05/25 17:05
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Hotel room furniture is a linear combination of frame tenon and tenon structure. For the customization of hotel room furniture, the form and authenticity of the design should be traced back to the principle. Only complete and comprehensive functions, advanced design, convenient and practical, safe, healthy, harmless and comfortable life, reach the material and spiritual level. In short, it is safe, practical, beautiful and affordable.

   The most important thing in the customization of hotel room furniture is the pursuit of quality, safety and environmental protection. The selected materials must choose to use environmentally friendly materials to prevent fire and damage. Fully consider the details, for example: the bathroom is made of non-slip floor tiles, with handrails, the pole height of the balcony window is more than 1.2 meters, the chandelier is firmly installed, with few edges and small angles. Avoid using mirrors to make large wardrobe moving doors, sharp-angle glass tables, and iron grinding to remove iron thorns. The distance between the stairs and the top is guaranteed not to intersect upstairs, and the TV sofa is at least 3 meters away. Anti-theft doors and windows are strong and durable.


   Hotel room furniture customization should follow the space requirements to maximize the use of living room functions, complete functions and reasonable layout. It expresses the sense of harmony and coordination between people and objects, objects and mirrors in the form of space. When people use space, they are in a practical and considerate position. Life, work, study and entertainment are one of the living spaces.
   The customization of hotel room furniture should follow the aesthetic sense. The aesthetic trend represents the sense of art and appreciation. The simplest is the color conversion that combines public beauty with personal beauty. For details, we should consider the combination of personality characteristics, fun, elegance and elegance, and the trend of family clothing, analyze the modeling mode, and combine the decorative colors to express the style.