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Cost misunderstandings to be avoided when customizing hotel room furniture

Cost misunderstandings to be avoided when customizing hotel room furniture

Industry News
2020/06/04 17:38
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  As the overall economic environment of my country's hotel furniture manufacturing industry enters a new normal state of medium and high-speed growth, the growth of labor, raw materials, energy and other production factors is greater than the improvement of the production efficiency of furniture companies. The operation of customized hotel room furniture manufacturers is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, continuous discussion of ways to reduce costs is undoubtedly a controllable way for furniture companies to escape. However, in the entire process of reducing specific costs, hotel room furniture custom manufacturers sometimes lead to the desire for success and stalemate, which must arouse people's attention.
   Counterfeit raw materials
   In all customer values of hotel room furniture custom manufacturers, every link has a dependency. The cost management method of the next link must be created on the basis of the cost management method of the previous link. The cost of the previous link is minimized, not the equal cost of the next link, and the cost that does not represent the value of all customers is also minimized.


  Some hotel room furniture custom manufacturers pursue the unilateral pursuit of perfection. The procurement cost is the lowest, the prices of the purchased raw materials are high, and the quality is poor. If only the procurement link is used to ensure the best cost control, but due to the poor quality of raw materials, the cost of the manufacturing link will increase, the cost of the marketing department will increase, and the customer satisfaction will decrease, so you can summarize this problem and find that all The cost of customer value is inflating.

  Just worry about production costs
  Most technicians logically understand cost as production cost, and limit cost reduction to the entire process of manufacturing themed activities.
  In fact, in the traditional manufacturing of custom-made hotel room furniture, the production cost only accounts for part of the total cost, accounting for about 50-70%. A large part of the cost is caused by technical product development, sales and marketing, and customer service projects. . And other industries, and they are all in the cost. In analysis, it usually becomes very important.
  Therefore, in addition to attaching great importance to reducing production costs, we must also find ways to reduce costs from the perspective of all supply chain management. Otherwise, the production cost is excessively restricted, not only the actual effect is not enough to highlight, but sometimes too much.