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Guangdong Hotel Furniture Factory teaches you restaurant dining skills

Guangdong Hotel Furniture Factory teaches you restaurant dining skills

Company news
2020/06/12 16:10
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You can see all kinds of small restaurants from any street. This is our common Chinese restaurant. When there are many guests, the space in these hotels is relatively small and crowded. However, there are some small hotels where space utilization is very reasonable, so that guests can move around. So, how should small hotels arrange and display Chinese restaurant furniture? Today, Guangdong Hotel Furniture Factory will introduce you in detail.
First, small hotels should not buy large tables. This will significantly reduce the number of tables that can be placed in the entire hotel and will make the aisle of tables more crowded. From today's large fast food restaurants, different tables are usually placed according to their location. Guangdong Hotel Furniture Factory found that a table for six or four people was placed in the hall near the window, but a table for two was placed near the corridor and the cash register.


In response, Guangdong Hotel Furniture Factory pointed out that consumers now want to share dining tables with their companions instead of strangers. This method can improve the utilization rate of the dining table and avoid the situation that each dining table has many seats and the guests are unwilling to sit down. The sofa is matched with the dining table, and the sofa selection in the small hotel is also very exquisite.
The furniture of the Chinese restaurant is indispensable to the hotel. Using this kind of furniture in a small hotel can subtly upgrade the hotel's grade, thereby increasing passenger traffic. However, this hotel does not need to use only this sofa. If it is a table for two people, Guangdong Hotel Furniture Factory recommends that you can also use easily movable tables and chairs. In this way, the turnover rate can be increased. If there are more guests on a table, the dining table and chairs can also be moved.
Some restaurants buy Chinese-style restaurant furniture, such as dining tables, chairs, and solid wood, which are very heavy and cumbersome to carry. Usually the manager will put it near the wall. Because the use of this floor sofa can really improve the effect of saving space, it can also make guests feel more comfortable. Finally, Guangdong Hotel Furniture Factory reminds everyone that the dining tables and sofas should be placed according to the layout of the hotel.