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What should I do if the hotel furniture purchasing center shares the hotel's bed, tables and chairs?

What should I do if the hotel furniture purchasing center shares the hotel's bed, tables and chairs?

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2020/06/28 11:24
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 Anyone who has operated a hotel knows that hotel furniture can be annoying when it is wet, especially in the wet weather in the south, where the furniture is most likely to get wet. Facing a pile of unrecognizable hotel furniture, it is a pity to throw it away, but it is unsightly to put it up. So how to deal with a pile of damp hotel furniture? If you have not reached the point where you cannot use it, you must find a remedy! However, there are some repair methods and steps. If the method is wrong, you may fall short! The following hotel furniture procurement centers introduce several practical methods:

  Wooden hotel furniture repair:
  First of all, the hotel furniture procurement center reminded not to expose it to sunlight. General wooden hotel furniture will heat up and shrink after sun exposure. In some places, it will crack and deform, and the surface will be more damaged. The structure of hotel furniture has been destroyed. If it is lost, support will not be as good as before.
  It is best to dry the hotel furniture naturally after it is wet, otherwise you can turn on the dehumidifier to completely evaporate the moisture of the hotel furniture, at least return to the dry state, it will not be placed for a long time, and the inside is moldy.
  After drying the hotel furniture, if the surface is damaged or scratched, you can add some paint of the same color, or you can apply bright paint, and you can add another layer of protection.

  Restoration of hotel furniture with other materials:

   Metal hotel furniture is most afraid of rust, and the hotel furniture procurement center must be wiped clean after being wet. Each seam, mortise and other areas can not be ignored, and wiped with anti-rust agent to extend the service life. The best way is to ask a professional hotel furniture repairman. Some furniture manufacturers who have done a good job in repair and maintenance will lower the price of services for original consumers. If you want to carefully repair furniture, relying on professionals is also this method.
   hotel furniture
   Therefore, in addition to moisture-proof hotel furniture, how should hotel furniture purchasing centers avoid purchasing moist hotel furniture?
   1. For example, check the small parts of the hotel furniture that are most likely to be moldy; wrinkle the creases of the sofa, the corners of the sofa, and the bottom of the sofa, touch to see if it is very wet, and smell if it smells musty.
   2. Can wooden hotel furniture look around for water stains? Is the place where the board is pasted enough? Check whether the structure is not stable enough, or ask for more sources of hotel furniture, and choose where to buy hotel furniture.