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Customizing hotel wallboards: common damage treatment methods for hotel wallboards

Customizing hotel wallboards: common damage treatment methods for hotel wallboards

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2020/07/07 11:26
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There are many people in the hotel, and small scratches and burns on the wall are very common. This will damage the original appearance of the wall panel. We cannot change a small piece and replace it, so what should we do. High-quality hotel wall panels are not as fragile as we think, but if they are indeed damaged, you need to know some emergency measures. Today, hotel wall panel custom manufacturers will explain how to deal with it.


The color of the ironed siding will also form a local and overall inconsistency. Carefully place scalds on the wallboard, which will indeed affect the aesthetics of the wallboard and increase clogging.


1. First of all, the hotel wall panel custom teaches you to use dry, ultra-fine furniture coating special steel wool pad to wipe directly along the wood grain direction of the heat mark;

2. Secondly, apply salad oil or mayonnaise on the stain, gently wipe with a soft cloth along the wood grain, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth.

3. Finally polished.



Cigarette butts or extinguished matches leave focal spots on the painted surface of the wallboard, and black spots will destroy the overall coordination. Good things should not leave stains.

1. If the paint surface is burning, you can wrap a hard cloth with fine particles on the match stick or toothpick, gently wipe the traces, and then apply a layer of wax to reduce scorch.

2. If the entire board is burnt out, it should be said to be burnt out. Hotel wall panel customization recommends that you replace it, or give it to a professional designer to redesign according to the burning degree of the wall panel.


There is no friction in life, there are people, there are things, so as long as there are appropriate remedies, accidentally scratching the wallboard is inevitable.

1. If the painted surface of the wallboard is scratched and the wood under the paint is not touched, you can use a crayon or paint of the same color as the wallboard to apply on the wound surface of the wallboard to cover the exposed background color, and then use a transparent Apply a thin layer of thin nail polish.

2. If it is more serious and obvious from the beginning, it can only solve the symptoms rather than the root cause.

There are still minor repair marks. Customizing hotel wall panels reminds you that you can change the surface treatment of wood, which is equivalent to replacing the hotel wall panels with a layer of skin. Of course, after a long time, it needs to be completely renovated or refurbished.